8-year-old girl rebuts Dr Oz article

Different from previous episodes, this episode of Coralganics is a video letter to Dr. Oz in regards to his December 3, 2012 article in TIME Magazine, “Give (Frozen) Peas a Chance — and Carrots Too”. Coral (age 8) was upset by the article and has several questions and comments directed to Dr. Oz. Her ultimate goal is a response from Dr. Oz. Please help Coral accomplish her goal and SHARE her video both with friends and to Dr. Oz, himself. Thank you!

Why the News is Wrong: We Need to Eat Organic

Written by Case Adams, Naturopath
Recent research from Stanford University and the subsequent headlines from Reuters, NBC News, the New York Times and other mass media outlets have it all wrong: Choosing to grow and eat organic foods has little to do with nutritional content. Humanity must increasingly turn to organic foods. If we don’t, we will damage our future food supply along with our health and the environment.
~8-year-old girl rebuts Dr Oz article


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