American Medical Association and Healthy Diet

We assume authoritative organizations like the American Medical Association would be non-biased, but what if we’re wrong?

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Today we correctly view smoking as an unhealthy habit that no one should ever take up. People still do it, but even the vast majority of smokers recognize the harmful effects of their habit. But did you know that despite the tobacco industry and the medical industry both being aware of the links between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, cigarettes were not only recommended but prescribed back in the 1930’s-50’s? It turns out that money can make even “medical experts” turn their back on the science. So if we can’t trust doctors to be honest about smoking, why should we listen to what they consider a healthy diet?

The fact is, mainstream medicine is still entrenched in greedy practices that trick people into thinking that they are unbiased and altruistic. When big money is involved, you can rest assured that something is amiss. While today the overwhelming evidence of big tobacco is too much for cigarette makers to deny, there is still enough doubt in the minds of many about food safety to let huge food companies dictate what is considered healthy. Sugar, dairy and meat industries, along with GMO, non organic farms all receive government subsidies, so is it any surprise that the government agencies tasked with looking into these companies come back with a stamp of approval?

If you look at Coca-cola’s list of partners, you’ll find the American College of Cardiology listed at the top. How often do you hear cardiologists praise the heart healthy benefits of Coke? When we trust the mainstream medical machine’s lackeys to watch out for our health, we trust the same people that told us that smoking is just fine. Choose a healthy diet that makes sense, and make sure that it doesn’t include cigarettes and coke!

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