iHealthTube.com - Aspartame is Dangerous! Why Did the FDA Approve it?

Aspartame: Denied Approval for 16 Years for Causing Cancer, Now Everywhere

How dangerous is Aspartame and why did it get approved by the FDA? Former pharmaceutical sales rep. Gwen Olsen talks about the history of Aspartame and the conflicts of interest that surround its approval by the FDA.

Artificial Sweeteners Found More Weight-Promoting Than Sugar

A new study published this month in the journal Appetite revealed that when rats were given the synthetic sweeteners saccharin and aspartame, compared to sucrose (table sugar), they gained more weight even at similar total caloric intake levels

Aspartame: Safety Approved In 90 Nations, But Damages Brain

A newly published study is destined to reignite the decades old controversy about aspartame’s safety, or lack thereof. Aspartame converts to formaldehyde and formic acid, which are highly toxic to the body, but the nervous system in particular.

Diet Milk with Aspartame, No Label Required, Really?

Written by Anne Gordon, RN
Will aspartame in our milk be the new attractive ‘diet’ drink? The latest debate with letting you know what is in the food consumed is designed to make milk the new attractive ‘diet’ drink, along with many milk products.

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