Learn How to Avoid Phthalates

It’s simple to avoid phthalates – nasty hormone disrupting chemicals. 

This video was originally published on NutritionFacts.org and republished with permission. NutritionFacts.org

Thanks to the proliferation of chemical and oil companies in our daily lives, it may seem impossible to avoid phthalates and other harsh chemicals. Fortunately for us there are simple ways to eliminate them from our lives and checking our plastic bottles’ labels is just the start.

While those plastic bottles everyone totes around may be a source of exposure to some nasty chemicals, the path to a phthalate-free life begins in an unlikely place – a plant based diet. It turns out that the plastic like substance is finding its way into meat products. Whether these chemicals leech into food from packaging or the making sure the animals themselves avoid phthalates is unclear. Studies do show that phthalate levels drop with the adoption of a vegetarian diet.

Unfortunately, watching what you eat is not the only way to get rid of this chemical. Studies have found that phthalates can show up in a myriad of items you might find around your house including certain kids’ toys, more private “adult” toys and lubricants, as well as hygiene products containing perfumes.

Being diligent in avoiding phthalates might seem like a task, but compare the effort to the consequences of not eliminating it from your life. Studies have shown these chemicals can cause breast cancer in women, low virility in men and overall lower hormone levels in both sexes. Clearly, this is not a chemical we should expose ourselves to. Avoiding phthalates any chance you can is always a smart move towards good health.

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