Balancing Acid For Better Kidney Health

Kidney disease is a major health concern, but simple diet modifications can lower your risk.

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We live in an interesting time in history. Food is readily available in ways that our ancient ancestors could only dream of, but unfortunately, many choose diets that are completely out of sync with the way our bodies function. Because of the proliferation of the Western diet and the increased amounts of sugary foods and animal products such as meat and dairy, kidney health is in very real danger as we age. The reason why? These food types cause an acidic imbalance in the body.

When we eat foods rich in animal products, our body reacts by producing more acid. One might think that the acids themselves are what causes harm to the kidneys, but it’s actually an overproduction of ammonia. Ammonia, being a base, is produced by the kidneys in the presence of acid in order to protect the tiny, delicate tubes inside the filtering organ during urine production. While this is fine in small amounts, a diet that is too animal or sugar heavy will expose the body to too much ammonia over time.

Plant-based diets are significantly better in this arena, with a much more base-producing reaction. Proteins derived from plants are associated with considerably less acid production in the kidneys and additionally include other beneficial properties such as antioxidants. In short, the more fruits, vegetables and whole grains you include and the more you cut out animal products from your diet, the more likely it is that your kidney health and function will perform the way it was meant to.

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