Can America Become Vegetarian?

Meat consumption is big business in the U.S., so what are the chances that America can become vegetarian?

This video was originally published on and republished with permission.

Few things are more American than a barbecue grilling up hotdogs, steaks and burgers, but evidence shows that an over consumption of meat products leads directly to a rise in colorectal cancer risk. The scientists leading the largest study in history observing diet and cancer in the United States would have you believe that we will never become vegetarian. Does the evidence match their assumption though? Or is meat such a huge business they simply aren’t trying hard enough or in different ways?

The report showed that eating processed meat is a “convincing cause” of colorectal cancer and suggests that the best method to prevent this disease would be to exercise, eat mostly fiber and vegetables, and try to avoid eating animal products when possible. However, these suggestions are somewhat downplayed when other studies attempt to compare the risk of eating meat and getting colorectal cancer with smoking and getting lung cancer. Because of conflicting and misleading studies like this, consumers are likely to miss or not trust the fact that a plant-based diet is truly the beneficial eating habit.

Even more shocking is that studies conducted by the meat industry concluded that while yes, eating a plant-based diet will drop the risk of colorectal cancer, consumers simply don’t care about their health over the taste of their food. Fortunately, these arrogant presumptions are beginning to prove themselves wrong, as meat consumption has dropped sharply over the last few years. Maybe America can indeed become vegetarian after all.

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