Can Pesticides Be Rinsed Off?

Can Pesticides Be Rinsed Off?

Researchers measure the impact of eating organic on the levels of pesticides in our children.

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Much of the produce that is sold today in supermarkets is supplied from farmers who practice conventional farming methods. In other words, the produce has been grown using chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides and herbicides. Many scientific studies suggest that the effects of synthetic pesticides can be detrimental to our health;one study suggests that the consumption of pesticides may lead to ADHD in children;in some other cases, exposure can lead to many forms of cancers.
It is an awesome fact of nature that we have trillions of organisms within our body – containing completely foreign DNA — some of which break down toxic chemicals that we humans have created to kill other things, but are now killing us, e.g. pesticides. Who are these strange helpers?


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