How To Cook Quinoa: The Ultimate Cereal ‘Grain’ Alternative

Dr. Arjan: With today’s post, I am starting to create and share simple cooking tips for making it easier to eat healthy. I hear from people so often about how difficult it is to make time to eat the way they know they are ‘supposed to’. I’m telling you, it does take time and effort and there is absolutely no way around that. Sorry guys and girls. But, the good news is that, if you take the time to take care of your body, mind and spirit, they will take care of you. That in itself, will give you more vitality and energy.

So, we are breaking it down into simple, do-able steps with very basic cooking. All of which, can be done in less than 30 minutes.

So, watch, learn, and enjoy!

Quinoa – Pronounced ‘kee-nwah’, this grain is actually a seed and has been produced and consumed in South America for centuries. It is a complete protein, gluten-free, and beautiful. I like it because it is what is called an ‘alkaline’ food, meaning, it doesn’t contribute to acidity in the blood which can lead to inflammation in joints, muscles and pain. It can actually help reverse inflammation and decrease pain and increase healing in the cells and tissues.

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