A Natural Method to Cure Diabetic Neuropathy

For those in search of a cure for diabetic neuropathy, the answer may lie in the kitchen.

This video was originally published on NutritionFacts.org and republished with permission. NutritionFacts.org

Neurons are the communication network of the body. These electrically excitable cells use chemical signals to transmit information from the body to the brain. Damage to neurons is medically known as neuropathy, and when an illness such as diabetes disrupts these cells, it can be debilitating and extremely painful. Thankfully, there is a method to reverse this unfortunate circumstance, and the way to cure diabetic neuropathy starts in your refrigerator.

In a study following 21 people suffering from an extremely painful type of diabetic neuropathy for at least a decade, scientists found that literally days after adopting a whole food, plant-based diet, 17 out of the 21 had complete relief from their painful symptoms. In addition to a host of other benefits from this diet change, five of the patients were even able to overcome their diabetes completely, no longer needing their diabetes medication.

Diabetic neuropathy is unfortunately not uncommon these days, but a diagnosis does not necessarily have to lead to endless medications. There are gentle, natural methods for tackling these ailments that have been healthful practices for millions of people for thousands of years. Sometimes all it takes is trip to the farmer’s market to cure diabetic neuropathy.

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