Debunking the Vegetarian Myth

See why the vegetarian myth is wrong.

This video was originally published on and republished with permission.

Many believe that a vegetarian diet simply does not supply enough quality protein that can compare to eating meat products. This vegetarian myth has persisted for years. However, while it is possible to maintain a plant-based diet and lack protein, evidence shows that you might actually have to work at it to make that possible.

The thing is, protein is an essential amino acid, which means our bodies need it, but cannot create it on their own. This is true for other animals as well though, so how do herbivores get their amino acids if they aren’t eating meat? The same place all amino acids originate – in plants.

The vegetarian myth persists today despite evidence from decades ago refuting the idea. A number of societies and millions of people have adopted a diet that does not include animals and live long, healthy lives. Many who perpetuate the myth have no idea that our own bodies make, store and rearrange proteins to be used throughout the body every single day.

Meat is big business, especially in the Western world. Dispelling the myth that vegetarian diets are perfectly (and perhaps more) healthy is an uphill climb, but as science evolves, the mountain of evidence climbs ever higher.

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