Fillings Put A Million Times More Mercury Into The Body Than Is ‘Safe’

So-called “silver fillings” (mercury amalgams) contain hundreds of thousands time more mercury than is considered ‘safe’ by health and environmental regulatory agencies…
Jonathan Landsman and Dr. David Kennedy are outspoken and intelligent critics of the conventional dental industry. They discuss the shocking level of mercury found in so-called “silver fillings,” which contain over 50% mercury by weight.
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There is no safe level of mercury. Mercury is the most toxic naturally occurring substance on the planet, yet, according to the EPA, there is currently over 1 ton of mercury from amalgam fillings in the mouths of Americans. Over 67 million Americans exceed the exposure of mercury vapors considered “safe” by the EPA because of the presence of amalgams in their teeth.
New concern has been raised over the toxicity of dental composites, which have long been promoted as overall safer than mercury-based amalgams, to children’s psychosocial functioning. In fact, new research indicates that bisphenol-A based dental restorations may be more neurotoxic than the mercury ones they were designed to replace, resulting in even greater learning impairment and behavioral issues.

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