Empowering Natural Health at Scale – Functional Forum Replay from NYC


Thank you for your continued support of the Functional Forum, “Empowering Natural Health at Scale.” Monday night was a smashing success, thanks for all your help and support in taking this project forward. Watch the replay from Monday, including amazing keynotes from Dr Leo Galland and Dr Robin Berzin, and lively panel discussions.

You can see all the pictures from the event on their Facebook page! The next three dates for the rest of this year in NYC, mark your calendars! Monday Oct 6th, Wednesday Nov 5th and Wednesday Dec 3rd, all at Neuehouse.

The #EvoMed Summit has been amazingly well attended this week, tens of thousands of doctors, practitioners and informed patients tuning in! Today is Paleo day with Terry Wahls MD, Chris Kresser and lovely Foodbabe! Are you signed up?

Or, buy the entire summit here.


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