The Expansion of the CDC and Its Potential Impact on You

The CDC wants to expand their reach and wrap itself around and control each of our lives.

This video was originally published by NVICstandup on YouTube and republished with permission. To view the original post, click here

Recently, authorities at the Centers for Disease Control (the CDC) published a lengthy notice of proposed rule making for the August 15th federal register. Part of this proposed new law would strengthen the CDC’s power over every day citizens by giving the government agency power to restrict travel to and from the United States and even from state to state if they believe you are or could become sick with certain diseases. With this egregious expansion of power, federal healthcare officials could place you and your children under detention or quarantine if they believe you are or could become a transmitter of diseases as mild as measles or chicken pox. So, if your records show that you or your child have not gotten every single dose of every single vaccine the CDC thinks is necessary (and that list is growing every day), your travel could be restricted. You may even potentially be placed into quarantine if you do not agree to vaccination.

Shockingly, the catch-22 is that your “choices” are either be forced into quarantine or forced into inoculation with vaccines whose ingredients are known carcinogens and cause mental disabilities and disorders. Government agencies that force these protocols, nor the companies that produce the vaccines and their adjuvants are liable for the very real danger these medical procedures pose, but they are forced en mass all the same. Even having common symptoms like vomiting, a fever of 100 degrees or diarrhea could be enough to detain you against your will if your medical records aren’t what the government wants to see. This is only the tip of the iceberg and it would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening.

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