Should Wheat Be Reclassified As A Narcotic?

Should Wheat Be Reclassified As A Narcotic?

Sean Croxton interviews Sayer Ji, author of 'The Dark Side of Wheat' for the Upcoming Digestion Sessions Free Online Event

Sayer Ji, interviewed by Sean Croxton for the upcoming free event The Digestion Sessions, discusses the profoundly addictive hold that wheat has on human physiology, comparing it’s narcotic properties to morphine, and explaining how this is emblematic of how the grain-based diet co-opted the human historical trajectory, focusing on the Roman Empire — known by historians as the Wheat Empire — and how it used wheat to force a sort of biological imperialism on the ancient world. To watch Sayer’s full HD presentation, along with over 25 other experts, register for the event here:

To read Sayer’s internet viral classic, The Dark Side of Wheat, join 125,000 other subscribers by signing up for his website’s free newsletter:…


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