Genetically Modified Sheep Glow-in-the-Dark – 1 Minute Video

Biotech corporations are clearly running amok. The latest act in their genetically modified freakshow: the GMO glow-in-the-dark sheep!

Recently, Uruguay’s Institute of Animal Reproduction unveiled the world’s first glow-in-the-dark sheep with the help of genetic modification.

Utilizing a gene from a jellyfish, the scientists were able to create a green fluorescent protein, which is how the sheep essentially glow. According to the researchers, the animals developed normally and there were no behavioral or other physical changes besides the glow effect compared to other sheep that were not genetically altered.

The fluorescent project was part of an experiment at the institute and 9 sheep were born there in October of last year.

Last year, a report by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA claimed that a species of genetically engineered salmon that grow faster than regular salmon are safe to eat and would not cause any environmental disruptions. The genetically modified fish, known as AquAdvantage salmon, can grow twice as fast as naturally born salmon, thanks to a growth hormone gene from the Chinook species that was added to the DNA genome of the altered salmon.

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