Hysterical Americans Call to Jail, Sue, and Even Making Death Threats Against Measles “Anti-Vaxxers”


We didn’t realize that so many people have completely lost their wits because a whopping 100 people got measles at Disneyland (out of the 15+ million people who visit that park each year).

You know what I really don’t get over this, guys? All the calls to KILL. Commenters a couple articles back even wished my children would die for talking about this. I’ve seen more people threaten to murder people and their children in article comment threads simply over asserting their rights — in America, ya know, where we supposedly still have them — to decide whether or not to vaccinate than I’ve ever seen before pretty much ever.

Did someone turn up the fear meter this month or what? Has the “They Live” signal been jacked up to eleven?


Truthstreammedia referenced our founder Sayer Ji’s article on those vaccinated with measles spreading infection.




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