Intravenous Vitamin C’s Effect on Cancer

We have known since the 70’s that vitamin C is effective against cancer, so why don’t we hear about it more?

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Renowned scientist Linus Pauling reported decades ago that vitamin C’s effect on cancer is seemingly profound. During his research, Mr. Pauling found that using vitamin C on patients with terminal cancer led to an apparently significantly greater survivability. It took until the 90’s to pinpoint the fact that oral supplements were not enough and that intravenous vitamin C was necessary to see the seemingly miraculous results. So why haven’t we heard more about how wonderful vitamin C’s effect on cancer is? The answer has several parts.

Firstly, there is not enough direct evidence to positively link cancer survivability and vitamin C. That, however, does not mean it is not an effective treatment. Over the course of 33 years, several studies have followed at least 1,600 patients and yet there still have not been enough randomized, control-blind studies being done. Experts in the field are split nearly down the middle on whether or not intravenous vitamin C is a worthy antidote to cancer. But, again, this is merely because there have not been enough studies done.

This brings us to the second reason the potential healing properties of vitamin C are still relatively unknown; because it is a safe, natural substance that cannot be turned into a profitable pharmaceutical, the Western medical industries have little interest in testing vitamin C’s effect on cancer. After all, why spend the money to conduct studies to test out whether or not a naturally occurring vitamin can help heal people when you can charge patients $100,000 a year to put them on chemotherapy? The good news for patients on chemo is that they won’t have to pay $100,000 a year for their chemo for long. The bad news is that it’s because they only have a 2.1% chance on average of living for the next 5 years. While we can’t say definitively that vitamin C’s effect on cancer is a sure-fire cure to cancer, it is a significantly safer course to follow and won’t put you in the poor house fighting off the malady. Urge anyone you can to look into the efficacy of vitamin C.

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