Do You Believe In Mandatory Vaccinations?

Mandatory Vaccinations

There are many bills in states across the country that would make vaccinations mandatory for children to attend public school. Some people think it’s a good idea and all children should be vaccinated, but taking away a parent’s freedom to choose is never a good idea.

There is also the issue of medical ethics when it comes to choosing the type of medical care you want for you and your family.

It’s also important to point out that vaccines are not 100% safe and effective. People who have been vaccinated can still transmit the disease they have been vaccinated against and they may never develop any immunity for that disease. There is also the possibility of some extremely serious side effects and countless people have suffered vaccine injuries, according to Vaccine Research.

If you think that mandatory vaccinations are a good idea, maybe this video will change your mind. If you are concerned that your right to choose is being stripped away, contact your local representatives and tell them to vote no on any bill that would make vaccinations mandatory.

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