Monsanto: God’s Gift To Humanity, Picking Up God’s Slack

Monsanto Spoof

Nature, friend or foe? For many this question may have an obvious answer, but at Monsanto, we ask you to look again.


This short parody of a Monsanto commercial will inevitably make hardcore transhumanists and GMO supporters squirm, but the point of this post is not to alienate such people, just laugh about the situation.

The bigger point here is to comment on the clear and unnecessary polarization between transparency activists and mainstream supporters of such initiatives as GM and transhumanism. You might not initially see the link between the two so I’ll try to explain.

The video below makes fun of Monsanto for thinking it can cheat death. The genetic modification they do with seeds allows crops to live without water and in highly toxic environments, among other things. Usually, to stereotype slightly, GMO supporters and transhumanists both usually side with mainstream establishment science under almost every circumstance. They think that science and technology and the regulatory agencies we currently have in place are totally trustworthy and sufficient. That’s just unaccetable from the perspective of transparency activists who simply advocate for clear labeling and open data in regard to GM food and experimentation. Who, realistically, could possibly argue with such a rational perspective as transparency? What is the point of trusting regulatory agencies if better systems could be implemented?

In regards to transhumanism, the same principle applies. It’s about having access to the data and source code of the experiments. If that occurs, then there’s really no issue because the projects will be under the scrutiny and accountability of the public. Both transhumanism and GMO projects must be open source and transparent in order to have any argument whatsoever about altering genetics of life on Earth

It’s not a matter of being pro and anti GMO or transhumanism. It’s a matter of transparency in those fields which are forever a part of human society and have been since our dawn, whether we ‘labeled’ them that then or not. No pun intended.

Personally it seems that the argument for transparency and more thorough testing before release into the biosphere is totally rational. Why should I or other innocent humans have to be exposed to sketchy GM pollen if it hasn’t had long term testing done? Yes it requires years of patience, but irresponsible dev of biotech is possible suicide for our species.

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Another rejected Super Bowl commercial from HLG Studios

MONSANTO GUY… Jonathan Slavin
AMERICA WOMAN…. Angela Gulner
SCREAMING MAN…. Danny Jacobs

Written and Directed by Yuri Baranovsky
Director of Photography… Justin Morrison
Edited by… Dashiell Reinhardt

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