NHF Denounces Aluminum-Containing Food Additives at Codex

NHF Denounces Aluminum-Containing Food Additives at Codex

Description: the National Health Federation (NHF) succeeds as the only health freedom organization and the only consumer organization present at CCFA in reducing and/or eliminating aluminum in food and beverage supplies. Were NHF not present in Beijing, China for this meeting to speak for you, the health of the World would continue to decline. Support our work for you and the World by donating at www.thenhf.com please.

Kat Carroll Speaking: This is the result of a lot of hard work to prepare for the meeting in China and then to actually follow through! NHF thanks ALL those loyal supporters including Green Med Info who made this possible. Because NHF was at the Physical Working Group prior to the plenary session, the reductions/elimination of aluminum happened!

Scott Tips spoke about two dozen times aggressively against ANY aluminum in our food supplies- even going so far as to take on equipment manufacturers who claimed their equipment would cake up and catch fire without these poisonous additives. He also took on the issue of finding and then using substitutes to dangerous aluminum in its many forms.

This was incredibly enlightening to me…It is my third Codex meeting and I have NEVER appreciated so deeply the fact that NHF is the ONLY consumer group that was present at this meeting. All others were devoted to industry and keeping the status quo stable while others were dedicated to World Trade. I saw very few who stood in the gap to protect and defend the health of the World and the consumer. NHF was faithful to that call and we worked very hard, very long hours to assure that when we left each day, the World could breathe a sigh of relief that some of the onslaught against health would cease. Again, many thanks to those that allowed NHF to attend. Alzheimers is increasing. Perhaps now that will change.

Greenmedinfo.com is a proud sponsor of the National Health Federation. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to their cause here: //www.thenhf.com/page.php?id=19

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