Why Is Pfizer Tracking Unvaccinated Kids Through Health Insurance?

Pfizer Knows Your Child’s Vaccine Status & Will Contact You About It!

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Vax Philosophical Exemptions: A Moral and Ethical Imperative

It is not enough to be informed about the many problems with current immunization policy and practice. We must effectively apply that knowledge to expand our right to make informed choices. Where the rubber meets the road with vaccine rights is in the statutes and regulations that provide or restrict those rights. Therefore, a great deal of my time is spent helping citizens throughout the U.S. present their case to state legislatures about the necessity of the right to make informed choices…

UNICEF Surveils, Defames Health Sites Over Vaccines – GreenMedInfo, Mothering.com, Mercola.com, NaturalNews

A stunning new report reveals that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been monitoring independent health sites and their users in an attempt to identify ‘anti-vaccine influencers’ and their effect on lackluster vaccine uptake.

Stealth Vaccine Laws Allow Children to Consent to Vaccines

A recent California law, Family Code 6926, allows minors 12 or older to consent to medical care for the prevention of “infectious, contagious or communicable disease” if one that is required by law to be reported to the local health officer, or is a related sexually transmitted disease

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