Pink Ribbons: Pinkwashing & Breast Cancer

Pinkwashing & Breast Cancer

Billions of dollars have been raised through the tireless efforts of women and men devoted to putting an end to breast cancer. Yet, breast cancer rates in North America have risen to 1 in 8. “What’s going on?” asks Barbara Brenner in Pink Ribbons, Inc. a new film now playing across Canada.

This feature documentary visits some of the massive fundraising runs and questions where the money goes and asks ‘who really profits from pink ribbon campaigns?’. We meet women with metastatic breast cancer from the IV League support group of Austin, Texas who openly tell us their stories. has been a tireless advocate to educating women to the unintended, adverse health effects of conventional breast cancer diagnostic technologies, as well as treatments.  View our section on the topic here: Health Guide: Breast Cancer

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