Pinole – Tarahumara Indians Grow Their Own Energy Drink

Tarahumara Energy Drink called Pinole

“Last year I went on a trip to spend time with the Tarahumara Indians which are the fastest long distance runners in the world.  I went because I am exploring the next cutting edge for athletes is to grow their own food – the worlds best already do.
Athletes ‘get’ it about the connection between quality fuel and performance.  And the highest quality food you can get is that which you and your family grew together. The Tarahumara not only make thier own energy drinks, but they grow all their own food, and the live completely off-grid.
When I was down there I drank a lot of the Tarahumara ‘energy’ drink called pinole.  And man, was I super charged and awake all day (and I barely slept at night).
I have created an awesome movie about how the Tarahumara grow and prepare this special energy drink.
And I also created this little 3:21 YouTube video that talks about the energy drink, and excites people into wanting to watch the full-length movie ~ which is being shown for free at the Summit.”

The Tarahumara Indians are recognized as the worlds fastest ultra marathon runners. One key to their success? The energy drinks they consume while running trail. And it is a drink they make themselves. Find out how in this video.

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