Plant Based Diets – A Natural Angina Cure

Studies reveal adopting a vegan diet is a natural angina cure, vastly superior to the pharmaceutical alternative.

This video was originally published on and republished with permission.

Chronic chest pain can be an extreme limiting factor on life. The usual course of action would be to get a prescription from a medical doctor and spend the rest of your life taking pills that will, if you’re lucky, barely increase your ability if not stifle them further. Thankfully, this does not have to be the case, as studies prove that simply changing your eating habits and adopting a vegan diet can┬ábe a natural angina cure.

What’s more, we have known about the positive effects of a vegan diet can have on chest pain since the 1970’s. A study conducted back then followed a man whose angina episodes were so severe, he was only able to walk a few steps before needing to rest. Obviously, exercise for someone in this condition is out of the question, but after entering the study and adopting a vegan diet, the man was literally climbing mountains after only a few months.

It’s amazing how just eating differently can be a natural angina cure. We often forget how powerful our bodies are at taking care of themselves. Old sayings like “you are what you eat” stick around because they ring true despite the eye rolls of kids. The body knows how to replenish its stores, clean up after itself and keep us running at peak performance, we just have to give it the right fuel.

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