Probiotics Reverse Problems Western Medicine Creates

Probiotics bring the body back into balance after antibiotics knocks it down

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The above video offers an anecdote that illustrates one of the biggest problems in Western medicine – the lack of knowledge about alternative methods that are just as effective (and more often than not superior) to the man-made Western option. Sadly, many people will die or become sicker due to blindly trusting their doctor. Such was almost the case in the story above, as the narrator became ill with cellulitis.

Like most people, he first went to the family physician, who prescribed antibiotics. Taking those antibiotics would prove to be only his first mistake. When the prescription failed to stop the spread of infection, this unfortunate man went back to the doctor, who prescribed more antibiotics. Even after biopsies showed his infection to be Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or MRSA, the only solution the doctors could come up with were different varieties of the same weapon – antibiotics. It wasn’t until he switched to a probiotic regimen that the infections he and his family were experiencing finally began to recede.

Though these techniques are often ignored, it makes sense when you consider the human body does not operate simply on its own, but rather in harmony and conjunction with microorganisms that we absolutely depend on. Antibiotics not only destroy bad bacteria strains that cause illness, but our immune systems and populations of beneficial bacteria as well. Thankfully, through proper nutrition and probiotic methods, we can reestablish this important part of our bodies’ microbiome and overcome nearly any infection. If you think your immune system has become compromised due to the havoc antibiotics can wreak, make sure you visit your local grocery or vitamin shop and grab some probiotics, along with plant-based, organic foods. Those two things alone can do amazing things for your health.

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