Richard Pan, ‘Water is the Most Dangerous Ingredient in the Vaccine!’

The Sponsor of SB 277 Which Removed Personal Belief Vaccine Exemptions from CA Reveals How Insane He Really Is

Richard Pan, principal co-author of the Californian bill SB 277 that ended personal belief exemptions earlier this year, stated at a Nov. 5th event held at the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, that the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines is the water.

Here is a transcript of this part of his presentation:  

“There’s nothing that 100% safe.”

“In fact, actually, people talk about what are in vaccines.”

“Right, They say, “Oh, I’m worried about formaldehyde…”

“…I’m worried about aluminum.”

“Thimerosol is not in childhood vaccines.”

“People say they are worried about thimerosol.”

“You know what’s the most dangerous substance in vaccines?”


“More children die of water toxicity, than anything else that’s in the vaccine!”

The talk, sponsored by UC Berkely’s Center for Public Health Practice, and titled “Child Immunization: Herding Parental Concerns,” included co-presenters Leah Russin, Co-Founder, Vaccinate California; Renee Di Resta, Co-Founder, Vaccinate California. Vaccinate California, while on the surface appearing to be a citizen’s group, is actually part of a pharmaceutically coordinated cadre of front groups. You can learn more by reading an expose on titled, “Lobbyists Knew Optimal Time to Introduce SB277.”


Not since Dr. Paul Offit, patent holder of a rotavirus vaccine, stated in interview that an infant could receive 10,000 vaccines in one visit, have witnessed what can only be described as utter lunacy.


Just in case common sense isn’t enough to convince readers that Pan’s statement about the dangers of water isn’t completely insane, let’s look at an objective standard for assessing toxicity.
The amount of water required to kill 50% of rodents (mice) through intravenous injection is 25 grams/kilogram. It takes 87 milligrams/kilogram to reach the same LD50 in rats.

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