Sayer Ji: Don’t Be Ice-Washed! ALS Bucket Challenge Challenged!

Sayer Ji: Don’t Be Ice-Washed! ALS Bucket Challenge Challenged!

Accepting Dr. Joseph Mercola's Challenge, Sayer Ji Reveals Conflict of Interest and "Ice-Washing" Behind ALS Viral Meme

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Sayer Ji responds to Dr. Mercola’s challenge, re-directing attention to the true causes and solutions that aren’t being investigated or funded by the ALS Association.

Sayer Ji, founder of, after accepting Dr. Joseph Mercola’s 24-hour challenge, explains why the ALS Association’s fund-raiser is a typical cause-marketing charade, with already identified causes of ALS, and natural solutions, unmentioned, and unfunded by the organization who raised $50+ million dollars in the past month only.

Sayer points out the link between statins and ALS and reveals ALS Association corporate sponsors include drug companies that manufacture them, not unlike the pharmaceutical industry’s creation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all the nauseating pinkwashing that ensued. The head ALS Association executive makes over $300,000 a year — calling into question whether it is a charity or a business organization.

Sayer gets a triple shot of ice water — thanks to his two more than willing little helpers and a mystery bucket splasher — and challenges Carla Sanchez of Organic Lifestyles TV, and Dr. William Davis, author of WheatBelly, to respond within 24 hours of his challenge (3 pm EST).

For research on the man made causes and natural interventions for ALS, go here:

Ice Buckets: NOT the Cure for ALS

Also, read Health Impact News’ piece:

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