The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up: STATIN NATION (Full Movie)

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This documentary film raises serious questions about the mass prescription of cholesterol-lowering statin medications.

Billions of dollars are spent on statins each year. However, leading medical experts interviewed for this film assert that the benefits of statins have been exaggerated, and the adverse effects are much more common than generally reported.

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In addition, the film highlights several key facts which have thus far been overlooked. Such as:

-Some age groups in the UK have seen a 40 percent reduction in the
number of people with high cholesterol, but the rate of heart disease
has stayed the same

-Average cholesterol levels in the UK are low when compared with the
rest of Europe,  yet the UK has one of the highest rates of heart

The film also examines the factors that could have led to millions of people being prescribed a medication that could be doing more harm
than good.

Interviewees include: Dr Paul Rosch, President of The American Institute of Stress and Clinical Professor at New York Medical
College, Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a GP who set-up the on-line educational website for the European Society of Cardiology, Dr Peter Langsjoen, a
world renowned cardiologist from Texas, and Professor Kausik Ray, Professor of Preventative Cardiology at St George’s Hospital, London.

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