Researcher Offers Alternative Explanation for ‘Chemtrails’ & Global Warming

Anyone with eyes can plainly see, the sky is no longer ‘natural’; much of the ‘cloud cover’ results from persistent contrails (so-called ‘chemtrails’), which NASA satellite imagery makes readily apparent on a global scale.

David Dahl, creator of this documentary titled “Artificial Clouds’ sheds much needed light on the subject, creating a context for us to address this alarming environmental and health issue that most of the media pretends does not even exist…

Climatologists vastly underestimate the amount of deliberate weather modification programs, erroneously believing them to be occasional “experiments,” and unaware that THOUSANDS of planned weather modification events occur every year in the U.S. and worldwide.

Weather modification programs are not isolated, low-altitude events; they are prolific ongoing programs in a growing industry.

Who will be the first climatologist to say, “Maybe CO2 isn’t the main cause of climate change?”

Who will be the first weather modification professional who says, “Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this?” (Yes, “we” are, through private companies like

(Annual Climate Change = weather change X 365)

We cannot change the weather a lot without changing the “climate” too…

CONTRAILS persist and form clouds when enough cloud-condensation nuclei (CCN) are present. These nuclei are deliberately dispersed regularly in over 50 countries, right at the altitude where contrails are formed.

Skywatcher is a 25-minute science presentation discussing weather modification and the REAL cause of climate change, which is anthropogenic CLOUD cover– much more than greenhouse gases like CO2– and the spraying of “cloud seeding” chemicals (especially silver iodide) for precipitation enhancement.

This video shows exactly HOW we make clouds with aircraft, why the jet contrails persist now (when they used to disappear much more quickly), and why we’re finding high levels of metals in our water and soil, including aluminum and strontium. …you sure you want the truth?

This is not conspiracy. This is industry.

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Researcher Offers Alternative Explanation for Global Warming


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