Tips for Getting Rid of Salt

Getting rid of salt without sacrificing flavor is easy.

Is getting rid of salt a dietary goal of yours? Are you finding it difficult? We all know that eating more fruits and vegetables is something most of us need to do more of, excess salt consumption is a huge killer in today’s highly processed food market. Watch this short video by Dr. Michael Greger for tips on getting rid of salt while keeping the flavor in your meals.

While it is not inherently bad for you necessarily, salt consumption in the United States is undeniably high. While it may seem hard if not impossible to avoid excess sodium, the tips shared in this video will arm you with information to not only avoid salt, but also provide great substitutions you can use to maintain flavor the healthy, natural way. Even for those times where you need to buy processed foods, this Dr. Greger has information that will help you in the battle against sodium.

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