Trans-Pacific Partnership: the most important treaty you’ve never heard of.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Do you remember when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) were proposed and passed?  (Well, CAFTA didn’t really pass, except through legislative trickery.)  Promises were made about the abundant benefits that would fall into the laps of its signatories, but especially into the lap of the United States.  None of those promises were ever kept, except to the large corporations in partnership with their government concubines.

And “Free Trade” as a name in those agreements’ titles?  That was a misnomer if there ever was one.  Those incredibly lengthy documents were all about “Managed Trade” and not the free market.  If they had truly been about free trade, then it would have taken one-page, maybe two (for the signatures) to set forth the parties’ agreement: “All tariffs and trade barriers between and among the signatory parties are hereby eliminated.”  So, the Agreements are nothing but a costly joke and a way to usher into our lives a soul-numbing harmonization that already is reducing our freedoms into dim memories and pat slogans of patriotism.

Now arrives yet another insult to our freedoms – the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which some are already describing as “NAFTA on steroids.”  The TPP, as it is called, is a very-secretive, multi-national trade agreement currently being negotiated among eleven different Pacific-Rim countries and pushed by both Republicans and Democrats.  In its fourteenth round of negotiations – which just finished in Leesburg, Virginia, as you read these words – the parties hope to make wide-ranging changes to all parties’ laws, rules, and regulations. (See //

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