Update: Amish Girl’s Forced Chemo Case

SOURCE: JOURNAL OF NATURAL FOOD AND HEALTH: “In the past two days, there has been a whirlwind of major media coverage on the Sarah Hershberger story. All of this was precipitated when our original full investigative reportwas sent to NE Ohio newspapers in the form of a news release by the Foundations for Health Education.

Among national TV coverage, including Good Morning America today, and  print media picking up the story that the Hershbergers had fled the US, the Medina Gazette story was by far the best as is this news broadcast from this morning from Cleveland’s WKYC-TV that includes a mention of the fundraiser for Sarah’s Health Freedom Fund.”

Please help them raise money for Sarah’s Health Freedom Fund! And sign the petition. 



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Is Mandatory Pediatric Chemo Institutionalized Child Abuse?

Written by Sayer Ji, Founder
A disturbing trend has taken root in America. Mandating chemotherapy in children is equivalent to requiring parents to let others poison their children with chemicals that are themselves classified as carcinogenic. If a parent has not the authority to decide how or what their own child is treated, is the State or are medical institutions essentially laying claim to owning that child’s body?


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