Vaccines During Pregnancy Proven Safe? Absolutely NOT! ~ Barbara Loe Fisher

Vaccination During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? by Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC, National Vaccine Information Center, reviews the lack of scientific evidence that it is safe to give pregnant women influenza and Tdap shots in any trimester during every pregnancy.


Studies Find Flu Shots Can Harm Your Heart, Infant And Fetus

Flu vaccines, according to the best scientific evidence available today, will only work against 10% of the circulating viruses that cause the symptoms of seasonal epidemic influenza. Additionally, flu vaccines have been found to elicit inflammatory reactions that may harm the human heart, the developing fetus, and the fragile immune systems of our infants. So, do the theoretical benefits really outweigh the known harms?

Your Body. Your Baby. Their Flu.

There is an appalling lack of clear and convincing evidence that flu vaccines in pregnant women are safe and effective, and yet the CDC and various medical authorities dangerously encourage them.

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