Ousting Monsanto & Ushering In An “Earth Democracy” ~ Vandana Shiva

Dr.Vandana Shiva named by Forbes as one of the 7 most-influential women in the world. The article called Dr.Shiva a “leading thinker of our time,” and argues that women must be front and center in order to solve the issue of food security — “breaking the silence, speaking truth to power, exposing atrocities and reminding us that women’s rights are inherently connected to the future of our world.”

Dr. Shiva’s Web Site: http://www.vandanashiva.org/

Vandana Shiva Bio & Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vandana_…

Un-Earthed: Is Monsanto’s Glyphosate Destroying The Soil?

2011-2012 have been watershed years, as far as scientific revelations into the nature and extent of the damage associated with glyphosate herbicide usage and exposure is concerned. But new findings indicate the problem may be far worse than previously understood. The very soil, the foundation for the entire food chain upon which we depend, may be at risk of irreversible adverse changes.

The Trans-Pacific Slam Job

Written by Scott Tips, JD
The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which some are already describing as “NAFTA on steroids,” is a very-secretive, multi-national trade agreement currently being negotiated among eleven different Pacific-Rim countries and pushed by both Republicans and Democrats.

India Signals It Is Rearing To Kick Monsanto Out!

An Indian high-profile parliamentary panel has recommended that GM crop “field trails under any garb should be discontinued forthwith,” and that further GM agricultural research should “only be done under strict containment.”

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