How Vinegar Can Help Fight Diabetes

Fight Diabetes with Vinegar.

This video was originally published on and republished with permission.

Millions of people live with diabetes and most assuredly, almost all of them are taking medication to deal with the problem. What too many aren’t aware of is that there are a number of ways to fight diabetes naturally. In this video, Dr. Michael Greger explains¬†one of the many¬†safe, natural ways to combat this chronic ailment.

Foods can interact with each other in dramatic ways that can absolutely alter the way they then interact with the body. One such food is vinegar. Normally, after eating, we have a spike in blood sugar levels. But, if that same meal is eaten after taking a tablespoon of vinegar, blood sugar levels, in addition to triglyceride and insulin levels do not spike nearly as high. Great news for anyone fighting diabetes or anyone at risk. Interestingly, this technique has been used to fight diabetes before medication for the malady was available.

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