The War On Cancer is a Profitable Lie

Hundreds of millions of dollars raised for the cancer fundraisers every year, but yet it's still such a big problem. Why is that?

Nicholas Gonzalez MD NYC War On Cancer

ANNOUNCER: Hello, the following video may shock you, but hopefully it will also stimulate you to look into the many healing options available to someone diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Gonzalez now explains why the war on cancer has been a multi-billion dollar fraud.

INTERVIEWER: This country has had the war on cancer for a better part of 40 years. Hundreds of millions of dollars raised for the cancer fundraisers every year, but yet it’s still such a big problem. Why is that?

DR.GONZALEZ: They are on the wrong direction. They are in the wrong direction and Nixon declared the war on cancer I think it was 1971. The current NCI, National Cancer Institute budget is $6 billion a year, the NIH budget is 30 billion, up to, it depends on which newspaper your read, up to $36 billion a year and a lot of the NIH budget goes to cancer. The American Cancer Society raises $600-700 million a year. They have a bank account in excess of a billion dollars and to me they are absolutely a reprehensible organization. Less than 29% of their income goes into the charitable purpose, and even then people have looked have said very little goes to actual cancer research. A lot of it goes into very nice salaries for the executives.

Misguided Cancer Research

So unfortunately we believe that the research direction is totally misguided. Chemotherapy began in 1946 when the Department of Defense funded Dr. Goodman and Gilman at Yale University, very eminent pharmacologists who wrote the classic textbook on pharmacology to find a medical use for mustard gas, so they did some laboratory experiments. They were funded, and in rats they could reverse tumors using mustard gas which was of course used in the war as a poison, and then they tried it on a single lymphoma patient who had advanced disease and all his tumors regressed and he did die within a couple of months, but no one had ever seen tumors in a cancer patient regress with a drug. That started the whole chemo adventure and it was like Madame Curie with radiation. They made the assumption that because it had worked so well on a single patient with lymphoma, it was going to work for all cancers.

Cancer and Chemo

Well, as it turns out, ironically lymphoma, like Hodgkins disease, is one of the few groups of cancer that actually respond to chemo, they are relatively rare cancers. The majority of cancers, the typical solid tumors do not respond to chemo, but because of that extraordinary response in a single patient that lasted a few weeks, the entire chemo industry came into fruition. Drug companies loved it because you could patent these things. In a natural treatment you can’t patent. There’s absolutely no incentive for any drug company looking into my work and we’ve had industry support, but what we do is non-patentable, and great! Since then the NCI, the NIH, and the American Cancer Society, they are looking for the magic bullet drug. It was the penicillin model, they were coming off of World War II where penicillin had saved so many soldiers’ lives. Penicillin had been discovered by Fleming in 1928, but it wasn’t until World War II when you had all these infected wounds in soldiers where it began to be used and it was miraculous, and give it credit, of course, it reversed these terrible infections. They had never seen anything like it.

What is the Cancer “Magic Bullet”?

So the research establishment was trying to look for that magic bullet like penicillin that would work in cancer the way penicillin worked in infectious disease, but infectious disease is completely different than cancer. So for a number of theoretical, philosophical, emotional reasons, from that single case in 1946 the entire research establishment with hundreds of billions of dollars spent over the last four years has gone to chemotherapy.

ANNOUNCER: Thank you for watching. I know what you have just seen is a little depressing, but just remember that with cancer there are many treatment options. If you go to our website,, you can view the case reports of some of our cancer patients. Also, while you are there, please sign up for our announcements so we can keep you up to date. God bless you. Have a great day.

‘The War On Cancer is a Profitable Lie’ Source: NicholasGonzalezMD – Featured Image Source: Sebastian Kaulitzki

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