Wellness, Balance and How to Achieve Real Happiness

Wellness is more than simply avoiding illness. Real wellness is about balance and connection.

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In the United States, the topic of health and wellness is becoming a focus of discussion more and more often. Many of us are learning that while there been many great advances in medical science and untold lives saved by advanced, modern techniques, we too often forget that ancient societies had their own understanding and methods for living a long, healthy life (even by today’s standards). But while giving up the standard western diet for something more plant-based or adopting a yoga as a pastime is definitely a wonderful start, in order to truly live well and be happy, we must strike a balance. True balance.

That balance comes not just from the proactive lifestyle choices you make such as eating properly and getting exercise. More, that balance comes from within. There are two forces that govern our moods and sense of well-being – stress and bliss. Stress can come from a number of places; financial worries, illness, or feeling unsatisfied at work are just a couple of examples of how stress can easily build up. When we put too much focus on these negative aspects of our lives, they weigh us down. Because we are of and part of the world, when the world around us seems to be negative, we suffer along with the world. This is a choice however. We can overcome the weighing down of stressors by focusing on the opposite. By shifting your outlook to put more stock into blissors instead of stressors, you can fully integrate yourself into a healthy lifestyle that promotes wellness.

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