Woman Heals STAGE 4 Terminal Cancer with Diet

Woman Heals STAGE 4 Terminal Cancer with Diet

This TV newscast was originally produced by Channel 8 in Cleveland Ohio. Janet was diagnosed with stage IV, so-called “incurable” cancer. After 6 months of following the macrobiotic regimen, her condition had improved markedly. After less than 2 years she was disease-free. A remarkable recovery testifying to the healing power of the macrobiotic cancer-prevention diet.

For further information on natural cancer therapies and research visit the GreenMedInfo.com Health Guide: Cancers, or learn about the collaborative book written by GreenMedInfo.com founder, Sayer Ji, and Dr. Ben Lerner and Dr. Charles Majors below…

The Cure For Cancer Is Within You

The Cancer Killers: The Cause Is The Cure offers a radically new perspective on cancer, overcoming the prevailing half-century-old fatalistic view of “its all in the genes” into a liberating and empowering new vision of what the human body is capable of overcoming, given the right conditions.

From the first-hand experience of Dr. Charles Majors, who overcame an “incurable” form of metastatic bone cancer, to the theoretical framework provided by Sayer Ji and Dr. Ben Lerner within which self-healing from cancer is made intelligible, this book strikes to the root causes of and solutions for the cancer epidemic. 


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